Add Text or Image Watermark to PDF

Add Text or Image Watermark to PDF

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Add Watermark to PDF (Text or Image)

Our Add Watermark function can add a text or image watermark pages in a PDF document with various options for placement, angle, opacity, etc. Here is how to add a watermark to a PDF Online:

  • To start, Click on Choose File to select your PDF file
  • Under Options, choose the text or image option and the page numbers to watermark, separated by colons
  • Click on Start which will upload your file and start the watermarking process
  • Start button becomes Download button when the process is finished
  • Click on Download to start downloading the resulting PDF to your device

Upload file

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Note: Do not upload confidential documents

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 Text  Image


Font    Font style 

Font size    Color 

Select Watermark image

Rotation    Transparency 

Location x  y  
(Coordinates of the center of the Watermark in inches)

(Leave empty to apply to all pages)



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